Fall Mentor training


Fall Mentor training


Component 1: The WYSE National Network

Ensure that mentors understand the WYSE organization and how the WYSE branch works. 

Component 2: Why WYSE?

Ensure that mentors understand the WYSE mission and the WYSE national network.

Component 3: The Role of a WYSE Mentor

Ensure that mentors understand what it means to be a good mentor, and that mentors understand their place in their mentee’s lives as a mentor.

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Component 4: Working with Adolescent Girls

Ensure that mentors understand what lies behind the mentality of adolescent girls, and recognize difference of age as a factor in decision making and attitude.

Component 5: Diversity and Cultural Awareness

Ensure that mentors are educated on their privilege as a college mentor, or privilege concerning race, class, and/or sexual orientation. Mentors must be sensitive to differences in backgrounds with their mentees, and behave accordingly.

Component 6: Accountability and Expectations

Ensure that mentors understand and are committed to achieving what will be required of them during the upcoming year.

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