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Big Seven

Activity where mentors speak freely on seven “big topics.”

Friendship Quiz

Each member fills out a questionnaire about her interests, favorite things and family...

Karaoke Performance

Divide into small groups. Each group selects a song and creates a performance around that song...

Draw A Twin

Divide the group into pairs, and supply each time with paper and pen. Have one member...

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Step into the Circle

Activity designed to highlight similarities and differences among mentors.

Dragon's Tower

The minimum number of people playing this game is six. You will also need a coordinator to lead the process...

Pass the Hula-Hoop

Have the participants stand in a circle. Place a hula-hoop over the arm of one participant...

Scavenger Hunt

Make sure this takes place either in an environment unfamiliar to all participants or only familiar to some of them. This way...

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Touch Someone Who

Activity designed as a wrap up activity for the end of training.

Treasure Box

To begin, each person makes three lists: everything they want in their life, things they have now, and things they don’t yet have...

Buddy Walk

Divide the group into pairs and designate one teammate as the walker. Set up an obstacle course...

Changing Perspectives

Each individual tells their partner about a bad thing that happened to them. This could be...

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