the role of a wyse mentor

Component 3

The role of the wyse mentor


Who Is a Role Model?

Section explaining the importance of understanding the expectations for a role model.

Tips for Successful Mentorship

Important concepts for mentors to understand in order to have the best mentoring relationship possible.

Conversation Checklist

To Do's and Not To Do's in a conversation with your mentee.

Activity: Identifying Role Models

Activity for mentors to identify strong examples of role models and why.

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The Five Stages of Mentorship

A breakdown of the series of phases in typical mentoring relationships

What WYSE Mentors Are Not

A reminder that mentors will not be able to solve all of the problems mentees will face.

The Facilitator Toolkit

A toolkit on how to direct discussion and create an open environment for sharing.

Activity: A Day in the Life of a WYSE Mentor

Activity where an experienced WYSE mentor briefly describes a typical day as a WYSE mentor.

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Active Listening

An overview of the essential elements of effective communication that is necessary for a mentor.