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the role of a wyse mentor

Component 3

The role of the wyse mentor


Who Is a Role Model?

Section explaining the importance of understanding the expectations for a role model.

Tips for Successful Mentorship

Important concepts for mentors to understand in order to have the best mentoring relationship possible.

Conversation Checklist

To Do's and Not To Do's in a conversation with your mentee.

Activity: Identifying Role Models

Activity for mentors to identify strong examples of role models and why.

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The Five Stages of Mentorship

A breakdown of the series of phases in typical mentoring relationships

What WYSE Mentors Are Not

A reminder that mentors will not be able to solve all of the problems mentees will face.

The Facilitator Toolkit

A toolkit on how to direct discussion and create an open environment for sharing.

Activity: A Day in the Life of a WYSE Mentor

Activity where an experienced WYSE mentor briefly describes a typical day as a WYSE mentor.

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Active Listening

An overview of the essential elements of effective communication that is necessary for a mentor.

Mentoring Is In the Attitude

Tips on how to make mentorship an attitude. 

Activity: Mentorship Brainstorm

Activity to identify qualities of effective mentors and to explore roles that mentors can play in the lives of children and youth.

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supplementary resources

A Guide to Understanding the Role of a Mentor

An overview on what mentors should do for their mentees.

Role of Mentor Graphic

A graphic that illustrates what a mentor should be and what a mentor should not be.

Make an Impact: Mentor in Real Life

A video that highlights the importance and the benefits of mentoring.

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The Mentor-Mentee Relationship Cycle Handout (Page 50-51)

A handout for understanding what each stage of mentorship will be like, and tips for effective communication throughout it.

Mentoring Youth Matters

An article on the importance of mentoring, and qualities that are essential to being a good mentor.

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Communicating With Our Youth (Page 14-15)

Important tips for communicating with children in adolescence, and rules for communication.

Activities on Establishing, Maintaining, and Understanding Boundaries (Page 52-56)

Activities to help mentors understand boundaries in the context of mentoring relationships, and develop a framework for dealing with boundary issues.

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