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Component 4

Working with adolescent girls


Adolescence and Decision-Making Capacity

Important reminders to acknowledge our own biases when it comes to helping our mentees think through conflicts and make healthy decisions. 

Activity: Middle School Mentality

An activity to put mentors back in the mindset of what it is like to be a middle school aged girls, and understand how they should treat their mentees by reflecting on how they would’ve liked to be mentored in middle school.

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“SOY”: The WYSE Mentor’s Best Friend

Useful strategy to encourage mentees to evaluate what their own decision, especially in circumstances when the mentor is uncomfortable sharing their own experience.

Activity: Mentorship Role Play

An activity that will allow mentors to practice situations that may arise at session.

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Eight Universal Questions

Breakdown of eight universal questions and how to approach them with your mentee. 

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supplementary resources

Mentoring Girls Toolkit

An important toolkit which addresses the importance of girl’s only mentoring, and how to strengthen girl’s mentoring groups.

Risk & Intervention for Teens Presentation

A presentation created by a WYSE Alumn detailing risk behaviors and development of teens.

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Environmental Factors that Affect Adolescent Development (Page 12-13)

A concise overview on potential factors affecting adolescent development, and how these factors may result in changing behavior and attitude.

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Developmental Assets for Children and Youth

The following framework, developed by Search Institute (a research and training organization in Minneapolis), identifies 40 factors, or “assets,” that are critical for young people’s growth and development.

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