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accountability & expectations

Accountability &expectations

Learn what what your roles & responsibilities are in
the Mentor Training Handbook!

Component 6

Accountability & expectations


View all WYSE Policies and Documents on the Directors Portal with the password “wyse

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WYSE Policies 101

An overview of the various policies of WYSE that relate to the branch, mentors, and mentees.

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Parent / Guardian Contract

A sample contract to send to parents and guardians outlining expectations of the mentorship program.

Intimate Partner Violence Handout

A handout with information about domestic violence and intimate partner violence among teens.

Bullying Resources

Resources on bullying and self-harm.

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Mentee Contract

A sample mentee contract outlining roles and expectations of the mentorship program.

Suicide Intervention Handout

A WYSE handout providing tools and suggestions for dealing with participants who may be considering suicide.

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Mandatory Training Slides for WYSE Mentors

A PowerPoint presentation providing an overview of the policies that WYSE mentors should know.

WYSE Abuse Case Scenarios

Scenarios for Directors and Mentors to consider during trainings.

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