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WYSE Week 2018: UC Berkeley's Campaign To Empower Women!

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

From April 9th - April 13th, WYSE branches all across the United States celebrated WYSE, women's empowerment, and community action. To celebrate our 25th Year Anniversary, mentors from each branch participated in monthly meetings to help strategize amplifying their involvement, social media campaigns to reach a wide audience, and of course honoring the legacy of WYSE's herstory both in local and national communities.

Here is just one of the many highlights that show just how awesome our branches are:

WYSE Week @ UC Berkeley

The 25th Anniversary of WYSE gave UC Berkeley students a chance to really reflect on the importance of women's empowerment. Our branch set up campus-wide activities on Sproul Plaza to engage students and other campus members in an effort to bring light to women's empowerment and WYSE!

Our first activity called for students to tell us why THEY empower women. Students from a variety of backgrounds—graduate and undergraduate, STEM majors and art majors, females and males—told us why they felt that women's empowerment was important. People shared some really thought-provoking ideas and others shared some plain and simple truths about the importance of women. Everyone's contributions were really refreshing and brightened up an already beautiful day in Berkeley!

The other activity that we held on campus encouraged students to write a name of a woman that they loved, were inspired by, admired, or just thought was a bad ass. Again, we got students from all walks of life who shared a variety of names. Many people wrote their moms, sisters, aunts, and grandmas; others wrote down politicians and change makers; others wrote authors, celebrities, and many more! There was not a single person who walked by that did not have a name to contribute. Seeing all of the names compile on our poster board as the day progressed was really amazing and made us all take a second to reflect and think about the women that have changed our lives.

Cal WYSE was so stoked to share such a special celebration with our campus community and we cannot wait for next year! #WYSEis25 #CalWYSE

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