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Mentee Spotlight: Congratulations to our May Mentee of the Month!

WYSE Mentee of the Month is an exciting, brand new initiative for WYSE mentees participating in virtual sessions during the 2020 - 2021 program year. Recognition of mentees in the virtual space aims to promote success and engagement in activities among mentees both inside and outside of session at WYSE. We are super excited to share our final mentee of the month for the year.

Mentee of the Month: Emma

WYSE is incredibly proud to announce our May 2021 Mentee of the Month from University of California, Irvine's branch, Emma!


"Emma is a current 8th grader at Scholarship Prep. We unanimously voted for her to be our chosen mentee because of her dedication to WYSE. She was at every session meeting, and always made sure to contribute and reflect on the topics discussed. We are really proud of her, and can't wait to see what she accomplishes in high school!"

Tell us a little about you!

I really want to help other people with their problems. I'm in another mental health program to help me identify mental health and the ways I can help in the field.

Who is your role model? Why do they inspire you?

My role model is my mom because she takes care of me and my two older sisters and works so hard to provide for us.

What is your favorite WYSE session?

My favorite session was the Self-Care session because when I start school my main priority is my school work so I don't practice taking care of myself that much so it really helped me schedule some time to take care of myself.

About the WYSE Branch

The WYSE Branch at UC Irvine was founded in 2003, when several UCI students became inspired by the mission of WYSE. The first UCI WYSE program began in Portola Middle School in Orange, CA. Here, UCI WYSE established a precedent for strong and insightful relationships between all women. Through interactive and discussion-based sessions, the program provided the resources and skills to inspire young minds.

For the 2019-2020 school year, UCI WYSE embarked on an adventure to establish a program at Scholarship Prep in Santa Ana. We hope to expand our program to further our mentorship program.

Follow them on IG @uciwyse or email

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