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Mentee Spotlight: Congratulations to our October Mentee of the Month!

WYSE Mentee of the Month is an exciting, brand new initiative for WYSE mentees participating in virtual sessions during the 2020 - 2021 program year. Recognition of mentees in the virtual space aims to promote success and engagement in activities among mentees both inside and outside of session at WYSE.

Mentee of the Month: Marlyn Moo

WYSE is incredibly proud to announce our very first Mentee of the Month from USC’s branch for October 2020, Marlyn Moo!

Marlyn is an 8th grade student at Vista Charter Middle School, and she has been devoted to attending every session for three years. Marlyn has gracefully balanced school work, class attendance, and WYSE engagement and participation as well as encouraged a positive learning environment and active participation among other organization members. She exemplifies outstanding characteristics both as a student and as a citizen of the greater Los Angeles community. Congratulations, Marlyn! Check out

As a member of WYSE, how do you support other women?

I love WYSE and my favorite part is that the mentors help us learn about different resources and information. I really like that they guide us and support us and I look forward to coming to the session on Wednesdays. This semester WYSE is online, but I am happy that we can still meet with our mentors on zoom. As a member of WYSE, I, Marlyn Moo, support other women by encouraging my friends to always do their best work and I am here to listen and help them. I encourage my friends to come to session. WYSE empowers me because I can look up to my mentors when I have questions and I can learn from them.

What is your favorite part of Halloween?

My favorite part of Halloween is that kids can dress up as their favorite superhero or role model. For this year’s Halloween I am dressing up as Godric Gryffindor. Gryffindor is my favorite wizard from Harry Potter and he is smart with a lot of courage. I love Halloween cartoons and passing out Candy to Trick or Treaters. Halloween is definitely one of my very favorite parts of the year.

About The WYSE Branch

The WYSE branch at the University of Southern California services four local middle schools: Amino Jefferson Middle School, Vista Charter Middle School, Camino Nuevo Charter Academy, and Crown Preparatory Academy. USC WYSE includes approximately 50 undergraduate mentors serving over 200 mentees. This unprecedented semester has been held over Zoom, with ‘question box’ on a weekly Instagram Live!

Join USC WYSE on Instagram @USCWYSE or email with any inquiries!

We look forward to November, where we'll spotlight a new mentee of the month from another WYSE branch.

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