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Mentee Spotlight: Congratulations to our December Mentee of the Month!

WYSE Mentee of the Month is an exciting, brand new initiative for WYSE mentees participating in virtual sessions during the 2020 - 2021 program year. Recognition of mentees in the virtual space aims to promote success and engagement in activities among mentees both inside and outside of session at WYSE.

Mentee of the Month: Tekira Dupree

WYSE is incredibly proud to announce our December 2020 Mentee of the Month from Tulane's branch, Tekira Dupree!

Tekira Dupree was a WYSE mentee for three years at Langston Hughes Academy and has just begun her freshman year of high school. She always livened up WYSE, bringing her wit and humor (and love for anime) to session every week. By 8th grade, she was so knowledgeable that she was basically leading sessions. In fact, Tekira recently returned to virtual WYSE with best friend and former mentee Roslyn Robertson to help lead our Self Care session!

As a member of WYSE, how can others give back this holiday season?

As a WYSE member this holiday season I will try to give back to other people by feeding the homeless. It may be hard this year but I’ll try my best to help them!

How do you best stay motivated and organized during hectic times?

The best way to stay motivated and organized during this is to think about the near future. Everything may be hectic now but later things will be going smoothly, plus keeping a positive mindset also helps.

What holiday traditions are you looking forward to?

This holiday I am looking forward to my family who lives far away to come down here and celebrate with us. It’s really fun.

About the WYSE Branch

The WYSE branch at Tulane University currently serves students at Langston Hughes Academy and Firstline Live Oak in New Orleans. This semester, they have been hosting weekly sessions over Google Meets, sending pen pal letters, and using Instagram to stay connected.

Follow them on IG @tulane.wyse or email at

We look forward to January 2021, where we'll spotlight a new mentee of the month from another WYSE branch.

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