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What Can You Learn In a WYSE Internship?

Each semester, WYSE National Board offers virtual internships for college students and recent college graduates to learn more about the work of a national nonprofit and to help further the work of empowering young women to become advocates for change.

Interested in learning more about our intern program? Check out Priyana Patel's recap of her Summer 2018 Internship!

Priyana Patel, UCLA Class of 2020

As a monitoring and evaluation intern for WYSE, I analyzed data from pre- and post-wyse branch surveys. Specifically, I compiled national numbers for our national program outcomes ahead of the National Leadership Training Conference (NLTC). Additionally, I updated branch rosters for deliverables tracking.

An example of the one-pager project!

My main project consisted of collecting publicly-available data and combining with WYSE branch data to create 11 branch-specific one-pagers using Canva. The design I created was inspired by an Instagram profile page to highlight how our branches share what we do through our online and offline presences within the university community as well as between branches.

The page can be used in the recruitment of mentors and mentees, communicating with university and school partners, or spreading the word in the community. The one-pagers are also a great product to share with potential fundraising partners and donors. 

I had the pleasure of working and communicating with Anna Shaw, the Performance & Evaluation Chair for WYSE National Board, and learning more about how the National Board operates and helps strengthen our branches throughout the year. As an intern, I learned how to effectively analyze, organize, and interpret branch data through survey responses. I strengthened my visualization skills and now feel more comfortable creating graphics to showcase my branch as an incoming Publicity Director. I would highly recommend the WYSE Internship Program to any WYSE mentor that is interested!

Email for more information on how to get involved!

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