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Mentee Spotlight: Congratulations to our November Mentee of the Month!

WYSE Mentee of the Month is an exciting, brand new initiative for WYSE mentees participating in virtual sessions during the 2020 - 2021 program year. Recognition of mentees in the virtual space aims to promote success and engagement in activities among mentees both inside and outside of session at WYSE.

Mentee of the Month: Mercy Santos

WYSE is incredibly proud to announce our November 2020 Mentee of the Month from UCLA’s branch, Mercy Santos!

As a member of WYSE, how can others give back this holiday season?

Make a difference online and in general.

How do you, as a WYSE woman, best stay motivated and organized during hectic times?

I stay motivated with family and friends they help me through the rough times.

What holiday traditions are you looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to eating food and spending time with family this holiday.

About the WYSE Branch

Throughout the year for 8 weeks per quarter, the mentors at UCLA WYSE act as a vital support system for girls from our partner schools at Mark Twain Middle School and Francisco Sepulveda Middle School. The LAUSD approved WYSE national curriculum includes topics geared towards improving self-esteem, body image, relationships, and critical thinking, which will inspire the students to become leaders and create positive change within their own communities. Each weekly site typically consists of icebreakers and one-on-one activities and discussion, followed by a group discussion of the week’s topic.

Follow @wyseatucla on Instagram for more branch activity and updates!

We look forward to December, where we'll spotlight a new mentee of the month from another WYSE branch.

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