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Mentee Spotlight: Congratulations to our March Mentee of the Month!

WYSE Mentee of the Month is an exciting, brand new initiative for WYSE mentees participating in virtual sessions during the 2020 - 2021 program year. Recognition of mentees in the virtual space aims to promote success and engagement in activities among mentees both inside and outside of session at WYSE. We took a break over winter, and are now back in Spring with new mentees to spotlight!

Mentee of the Month: Robyn Lancaster

WYSE is incredibly proud to announce our March 2021 Mentee of the Month from George Washington University's branch, Robyn Lancaster!

My name is Robyn and my pronouns are they/them/theirs. I’m an 8th grader from Washington, D.C. and I go to Jefferson MS Academy. I enjoy reading, drawing, and playing video games. My favorite video games are Minecraft, Legends of Zelda, Mario games, Spiritfarer, and Stardew Valley. This is my first year in WYSE and I really enjoy it.

What is your favorite thing about WYSE or your favorite session? How have you learned or grown from this session or from WYSE in general?

My favorite thing about WYSE is that it is an open conversation where we are all able to discuss, express our opinions, and voices. There's a lot we can learn in WYSE, especially about what we can do in communities and how we can help. I like all the sessions, look forward to WYSE every week, and love learning about all sorts of different topics.

What goals are you setting for 2021? How will you reach those goals?

I don’t have any specific goals, but I want to try to do the best I can to learn as much as possible about the world around me and other people. I want to open my eyes to other experiences and get more involved in activism and community action.

Who is your role model? How does this person inspire you to be the best person you can be?

I don’t have a specific person or role model in mind, but I see people all over social media being huge activists and doing things for the community. It inspires me to do that as well and work to make a change in the world.

About the WYSE Branch

The WYSE branch at George Washington University was founded in 2013. It was not until 2015 that the GW WYSE branch was officially incorporated on campus. After spending a year building our curriculum and mentor base, we were ready to start our mentorship program at Jefferson Middle School Academy. Since then, we have mentored over 40+ mentees and have had over 30+ mentors over the last 5 years. GW WYSE has participated in WYSE national conferences in DC, LA, and more. As a program created by women for women, WYSE’s curriculum-based mentorship program facilitates a unique space for mentees to grow and develop in ways not offered through their traditional schooling. Women and Youth Supporting Each Other envisions a world in which all women are empowered to determine their future and effect change.

Follow them on IG @wysegw, Facebook @gwuwyse, or email at

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