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empowering young women for 30 years

Since our founding in 1992, WYSE has given thousands of young women the resources and support necessary to navigate important life decisions and confidently determine their futures.
WYSE is committed to inclusivity and belonging for all women: trans women, cis women, femmes, female-identifying, and individuals assigned female at birth. We envision a world in which we are all empowered to determine our futures and effect change. 
With your help we can do even more!


A WYSE bracelet from a Women and Youth Suppoting Each Other mentoring session.

“As an eighth grader, I faced many uncertainties about who I was, the direction my education was taking, and my confidence as an individual. WYSE entered my life at a turning point and affected the direction my life was headed towards. My mentor gave me the confidence to believe in my future and the confidence to set challenges for myself.”

Lily, WYSE Mentee 2010

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