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25 Ways to Support Women Every Day

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

In honor of WYSE's 25th Anniversary, we assigned our branches the challenge to discuss with mentors and mentees how everyone can take time out of their day to support women (and, of course, womxn). It could be a task that take 25 seconds, minutes, hours, or years. (Hello, WYSE!). All that matters is to think actively about how easy it is to become an advocate, better friend, or stronger WYSE mentor/mentee by making community change a habit.

WYSE Tulane: Last Session of 2017 - 2018

Wondering how you can support women every day (or even just your friends)? Check out this list of 25 ways to support women created by WYSE Tulane mentors and mentees:

1. Compliment women on things other than their appearance.

2. Support their education.

3. Support them no matter what.

4. Avoid telling people what to do and instead encourage thoughtful decision-making.

5. Don't tell their secrets.

6. Get to know women who are different from you.

7. Encourage your friends to be the best versions of themselves.

8. Teach women about their birth control options.

9. Tell your friends why they are special to you.

10. Economically support women who have their own businesses, art, or products. (aka purchase from women-owned shops!)

11. Don't pick on them about their periods. (That's just rude.)

12. Be an advocate for ALL women. Do your research, learn more about intersections of women/womxn who may feel left out.

13. Don't compare women to each other - everyone is doing their own thing!

14. Share events and achievements of your friends on social media. (Or IRL works too.)

15. Always remember all emotions are valid and they deserve to be felt and recognized!

16. Push your friends to reach their goals, but let them take time off for self care! It's okay to give yourself a break, too.

17. Allow women to be whoever they want to be, even if it's outside the lines of what is considered feminine.

18. Comfort your friends when they need it.

19. Love and take care of yourself so you can put your best self forward.

20. Celebrate differences.

21. Incorporate all different women authors/writers in school curriculum. (Charles Dickens wasn't the only writer on the planet.)

22. BELIEVE what women say.

23. Encourage inclusive clothing for all women's sizes.

24. Look out for other women's safety, even if you don't know them.

25. Don't shame women for their choices.

Of course, this list is just an example of ideas sparked by mentees and mentors all across the United States. Whatever you do to support women, womxn, and people around you can make a difference. Many branches shared their ideas on social media too, and then acted on them every day of WYSE Week 2018. (Read more about one branch's WYSE Week journey here.)

You can also check out more of what WYSE Tulane is up to by following them on Instagram!

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