what we believe in


our vision

Women and Youth Supporting Each Other envisions a world in which all women are empowered to determine their future and effect change


To empower young women by providing the resources and support necessary to make positive life choices and create community change

what we do


what we stand for

Critical Thinking and Decision Making


WYSE women explore fully and think deeply about significant issues in order to make informed, deliberate decisions.

Personal Identity and Self Esteem


WYSE women strive to recognize, explore, and proudly express who they are as individuals.

strong relationships


WYSE women believe in the power of positive relationships to change lives. WYSE women dedicate themselves to being a positive influence and role model for those around them.

Community Change


WYSE women strive to make a better society by gathering information, spreading awareness and taking action on issues that are meaningful to them.

Safe Community and Exploration


WYSE women express their ideas, ask questions, and learn in a safe, open, and accepting community. WYSE women encourage others to speak up and help each other discover new ideas


Annual Report

Our annual report highlights our program year activities, individual donors, foundation and corporate gifts, along with a breakdown of revenue and expenses.


Young women need WYSE and WYSE needs your help

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Once a week, mentors travel to their middle school sites to host a group session for mentees on a specific topic. WYSE mentors use an up-to-date and program-specific curriculum to plan and build weekly sessions that are tailored to the unique needs of our mentees. Using the multi-faceted WYSE curriculum as a guide, mentors engage their mentees in decision-making games, in-depth discussions and community action projects.